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Terrazzo flooring systems come in a variety of forms and can be customized to fit any design or building requirement. In situ terrazzo has become the most preferred terrazzo installation form for both residential and commercial spaces due to its longevity. Moreover, it can be easily modified to meet design and building preferences and is probably the easiest flooring system to maintain.In situ terrazzo means the terrazzo is poured on site and therefore offers the most options for customization. Since it was first discovered, terrazzo and its methods of installation and creation have steadily improved over the years adding to its already impressive characteristics. Compared to other flooring systems in the market today, in situ terrazzo is the only flooring system that can be virtually custom-made to exact design specifications.

In situ terrazzo has virtually no limits when it comes to colour combination, patterns and shapes. Add to that, in situ terrazzo is the safest and most environmentally-friendly material that does not require labour-intensive maintenance. This is also why more commercial establishments such as hotels, boutiques and high-end shops, lounges and even hospitals and airports prefer to use in situ terrazzo as their flooring system when there is a need to incorporate artwork, logos or complex designs onto the floors.

In situ terrazzo requires on site grinding and polishing and is available in several finishes:

  • Standard sealed finish – Recommended for high traffic applications for which sealer polish is applied to the surface to protect from staining and abrasion.  This finish is also honed on site.

  • Polished with impregnating sealer – this finish is recommended for residential establishments, shops and office foyer applications and is polished on site to the same degree as factory-finished marble which leaves a high shine floor.

  • Honed with impregnating sealer – this finish leaves no gloss on the floor and is not recommended for high traffic areas as it may track.  Also ideal for residential, shops and office foyer applications.

  • Antiquing or Brushed Finished with impregnating sealer – this finish is polished on site as per honed finished.  The floor is then passed with brushes to give it an antiqued appearance.  This finish is also ideal for residential, shops and office foyer applications and can still have a sealer finish applied if so desired.

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