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Semi-dry Screed is an alternative to wet and dry screed. Sand and Cement make an ideal screed system which is suitable to receive almost any type of floor covering. It is a semi-dry system which makes it the best choice for floors that are required to be laid to falls.

At ECLAT STS Flooring Systems we install sand/cement screed floor to a high standard using quality materials and highly skilled staff.

Dry-pressed screed withstands the weight of a person after 12 hours. Laying the finish floor covering is made after 8 days from the date of execution of semi-dry screed. Prepared foundation is ready for laying any finish covering (tile, carpet, parquet flooring, laminate flooring).

Download Semi-Dry
Floor Screed Brochure
Using a semi-dry floor screed you get:
  • Cleanliness, no garbage

  • Silent process of work

  • All the equipment is placed in common elevators

  • After 12 hours you can walk on the screed

  • A low noise level indoor

  • Perfectly smooth screed for any flooring

  • After 7 days, you can start finishing work

  • Technically qualified and highly experienced floor screeding specialists

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