The roof emits significant solar radiation and plays an important role in heat gain/losses, day lighting and ventilation. In our system a thermal barrier or insulation is provided over the rainforced concrete so that the heat of the sun is restricted to reach the RCC slab of the roof. In this way we can preserve the RCC from getting heated up once the RCC is heated up there is no other way for the heat to escape other than inside the building.

Well insulated roof with the insulation placed on the external side is an effective measure to reduce solar heat gains from the roof top. The insulated materials should be well protected by water proofing.

Lightweight concrete delivers many new benefits that make it an excellent alternative in roofing today. Its ability to provide high insulation values with reduced weight, reduced costs during installation and re-roofing, and a lower impact on the environment, all make lightweight concrete a superior choice.

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