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Coloured rainproof waterproofing protection for flat and pitched roofs, bituminous layers and external surfaces, flexible, resistant to UV light, atmospheric agents and standing water, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

Bioscud is easy to apply on large surfaces to ensure the waterproofing and the highly reflective protective decoration (Cool Roof) of bituminous layers as well and to avoid overheating the rooms below. Certified for the encapsulation of fibre‑cement and asbestos‑cement slabs.

  • Rainproof waterproofing of flat roofs
  • Cool Roof (white) certified
  • A, B, C certified, in accordance with Italian Min. Decree 20/08/1999


Packbucket 20 kg ‑ 5 kg
Coverage≈ 2 kg/m2
Shelf life≈ 12 months


Technical Data sheet

Bioscud Bianco 20KG

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