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Flexible NBR waterproof joint for perimeter and fractionizing joints in waterproofing systems. For use under ceramic and porcelain tiles and natural stone. Bonds directly on application.

Aquastop 120 ensures continuous waterproofing even at expansion joints.



  • High elasticity and UV light resistance

  • For internal and external use

  • Ideal for bonding with eco-friendly Aquastop Nanoflex®, Nanodefense® Eco and Aquastop Fix membranes

  • Guaranteed waterproofing of all types of non-structural fractionizing and connection joints

  • Alkali-resistant


For internal and external use on cement-based substrates, plasterboard and metal for wall-floor connection joints and fractionising joints.

Waterproofing of joints in:
- external surfaces (balconies, terraces)
- standard sanitary environments (kitchens, shower cabinets, bathrooms, saunas)

Do not use

To contain, or in contact with strong solvents (ketone, ester, hydrocarbons).


PackTape 120 width 
50 m in One Rool

Aquastop 120

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