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No one project can be successful without adequate preparation. There are many factors which need to be addressed before construction can occur, which is why we emphasize the pre-construction planning phase of each job we work on. This is necessary step in addition to architectural design and construction, and it is one that should never be overlooked or rushed. With respect to construction, contractors often cut corners in order to complete projects on or ahead of schedule. Although getting the job done on time is very important, at ECLAT STS we know slow and steady always wins the race.  Our focus is safety, longevity and long-term sustainability. No matter how skilled or large a firm’s team may be, we know inadequate planning is a risk never worth taking.


In the planning and pre-construction phase of your project we take into account multiple project factors, namely your schedule and your budget. Making sure these two go hand in hand is crucial for ensuring your project’s success. The end goal is to give you the highest ROI possible without compromising quality control.

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