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Lightweight concrete screed with low density (between 400 – 1200 kg. /cub.m.) is suitable as an underlaer for tiles, marbel, parquet and other finishing materials.

This type of screed has a very good fluid concentration in the time of application, and it fills the entire space. Any voids are excluded. Lightweight concrete has a reliable adhesion to various materials as a conventianal concrete, self-leveling compounds and tiles glue.

Lightweight Screed (LWS) has the sufficient strength for walking the next day after application, and the floor screed is ready for tiling, levelling by self-levelling compounds, or any other kind of work.


Thermal conductivity of the floor screed is comparable to a real wood. LWS with D600 density has the same thermal coductivity as pine-tree.


Due to its porous structure, LWS absorbs sound and has good sound insulation properties. It is effective for acoustic protection, and significantly reduces the echo-effect of the traditional rooms.


LWS is completely fireproof. It does not burn, does not support combustion of other materialsand hasn’t smoke production. It doesn’t get warm at the open contact with the fire and meets the highest fire safety class A1.


Lightweight concrete is eco-friendly material. It doesn’t accumulate radiation doesn't contain lime or gypsum. Lightweight floor screed is not affected by fungi and mold. It is equally resistant and bacteria, and insects.


The application of lightweight concrete screed is very simple, compact and does not require complex equipment. We can do a floor screed inside of existing buildings in the center of Dubai or Abu-Dhabi. We don’t need to stock raw material in the street because we have ready mix in dags. We can provide you the high level of performance and quality. If you want to reduce a dead load on the building structure LWS is the best way to do it because this screed is four times lighter then conventional screed but at the same time it is strong enough to carry the load.

Lightweight concrete screed is the best way to save your time and money.

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