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Being a pumping station, the BMS Worker N°1 MINI FLUID PUMP completes our product range for flowing screed machines. The conveying screw with a delivery rate of 12m³/h can be chosen according to the graining.

Facts and figures

  • Powerful electrical motor up to 7,5 kW

  • 400 volts

  • Protection with 16/32 A

  • delivery rate up to 10 m³ /h

  • Interruption at 20 bar

  • Robust chassis

  • User-friendly arrangement of the switches

  • large cleaning hole

  • Speed control

  • Pressure and mixing tank with a capacity of 120 liters

  • Conveying screw "RED FIRE" (max. 8mm grain size)

  • 450 kilogram with approval driving license B

  • DIN towing ring or ball type hitch



  • 4-channel radio remote control

  • Start/ Stop  +/-

  • Vibrator

  • GPS

  • 100 kilometers road admission

  • Adjustable Shaft

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