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For the smoothing of screed or concrete floors as well as special floors our BMS INNOVA 3300 FG is the best suitable option.

Ergonomically shaped handles and continuously adjustable leading arms guarantee a long period of non-tiring work. The stable construction and the strong electric motor are guarantors for a work free from interference.

Each trowel plate is compatible with every machine of the INNOVA power trowel and sanding machine series.

Technical facts:

  • Powerful, maintenance-free gear engine 1,1 KW, 230 volts, E-switch, speed approx. 120 1/min.

  • 4 trowelling blades made of special steel, 1 blade cross (central fixation of the blades)

  • Ergonomically shaped handles guarantee non-tiring work

  • Comfortable handling because of continuously adjustable leading arms

  • On demand extension cable permanently connected

  • Foldable carrying handle

  • Easy handling enables best trowelling results

  • On demand with foldable wheels

  • Very sturdy and nevertheless light – 47 kg


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