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BMS alpha Z3

New design, new technology, more performance, more security.The new cooling system constitutes the most essential innovation of the alpha Z3.Two hydraulically driven fans produce cooling power.The powerful 3-cylinder Deutz engine with 36,5 kW and the BMS compressor are made-to-measure and strong in performance.

In addition to the standard model, the machine is equally available with feeder and feeder/ scraper. 

Additional equipment

Hoods for the cooling system - Two galvanized filter cages with a magnetic base and filter caps

Spray pistol/cleaning pistol - for easy cleaning of the floor screed conveyor

Technical facts:

  • Powerful 3 cylinder Deutz diesel engine 36,5 KW at 28001/min

  • Oil-cooled BMS screw compressor; air pressure performance > 5m³/min.     

  • Two hydraulically driven fans with new BMS cooling system

  • Sound power level according to guideline 2000/14/EG, complies with emission standard EU 3a / Tier III automatic 2-bar interruption


  • Automatic greasing system for the mixing vessel

  • Lid with safety closure

  • Mixing and pressure vessel with robust dome filter protection

  • Mixing vessel with 260 litres capacity with side exit

  • Fuel tank with approx. 60 litres capacity

  • Stable chassis with mechanical overrun brake


  • Easy central height adjustment

  • User-friendly arrangement of the switches

  • Electric lighting in 12 Volt or 24 Volt

  • Ball type hitch or DIN towing ring

  • Super sound absorbing stainless steel hood with stainless steel hinge

  • Three-step gear box with newly developped load relieving.

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