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BMS alpha Energy Plus

The alpha ENERGY plus has been designed for the duty on construction sites with a conventional electricity supply.
With its frequency regulated three-phase current engine the alpha Energy Plus can be connected to every power distribution provided on construction sites. Safety is guaranteed at all times. And the performance can be adjusted on site between 50 and 63 Ampere as required.

The frequency-driven, 30 kW electric engine (FU) gives the Alpha Energy Plus its full power, while producing no emission - no CO2 output. 
Besides, the noise development is considerably reduced.

In addition to the standard version, the machine is also available with feeder or feeder/scraper.

Optional equipment:

Air – spray pistol/ cleaning pistol – for the easy cleaning of the screed machine

Technical facts:


  • 30 kW electric engine – adjustable between 50 – 63 Ampere

  • Oil-cooled BMS screw compressor; air power of over 4,5 m3/min.

  • No CO2 emission, reduced noise development

  • Super-noise-reduced stainless-steel bonnet with stainless steel hinge

  • Automatic greasing unit for the mixer

  • Lid with safety catch

  • Mixing tank with safety catch for the riddle

  • Mixing tank (260 l) with side outlet

  • Ball coupling or DIN towing ring

  • Sturdy chassis with mechanical overrun brakes

  • Easy central height adjustment with a crank handle

  • User friendly order of the switches

  • Lights in 12 or 24 volts

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